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The recently added bronze finish is also available in the Contemporary track style and Lyndall handle, if you prefer a darker, richer tone.

The Lyndall handle also works well if you prefer the look that a Traditional track offers, but you want to maintain a sleek style.

Builder-grade bathrooms—you know the ones we're talking about.

They boast acrylic-crystal faucets, strips of lightbulbs hung above the mirror in all their tacky glory, and oak vanities in an unnatural shade of orange.

So I grabbed a deep cardboard box, my spray paint, and an artist brush to spray a little paint on the brush at a time to touch up the peeled spots. I used nail polish remover again for the spots where spray paint leaked under the tape by soaking Q-Tips in it, and running them along the smudged lines.

I keep thinking this, but one day I should probably devote a post to Bless’er House blunders just to show y’all how many DIYs have gone horribly wrong.

Spray three thin, even coats of the black hammered spray paint on the inside and outside of the shower door frame.

Delta Shower Doors can be customized with a variety of track and handle finishes.

Learn from those mistakes, let it shape you into a smarter DIYer, and keep on with your bad self.

😉 I bet you after the next amazing project you pull off, you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.

I had seen these gorgeous industrial style factory window shower doors all over Pinterest recently, and I was instantly smitten for them. We didn't use our shower for a full 48 hours to make sure all moisture was gone.

The only problem was those gorgeous doors were very much out of my price range and would require some demo work with professional installation. (I promise we showered for those two days, just not in this one.

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