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If it's with a view to looking for meets then the meets today section is far better as your request won't disappear off the top of the page.I think having a room for cuckolding could lead to a lot of bulls trying to outdo each other with there dominance."With over 175 posts & requests for a cuckold room the last thread was closed due to the amount of feedback.Update your bookmarks based on the new chat launch page below.

Cuckold Hotwife is an exciting online dating community where you can find a hung bull to satisfy your sexy hotwife. Meet local cuckold couples in your area and watch your sexy hotwife get banged tonight!

This is not a gay/bisexual/sissy venue: all are welcome but the topic is not the aforementioned things. It means that I will not allow this venue to be co-opted by everyone with a particular fetish interest.

Those who appear to be here to serve a particular fetish interest instead of the core topic will not be staying with us. I’ve seen other chat venues ruined because they become overrun with those having divergent interests from the core membership which then drives off those members.

We offer humiliation phone sex of all kinds: cuckold humiliation phone sex, small penis humiliation phone sex, out-of-control wanker humiliation, chastity humiliation and every other type of dominatrix humiliation you could ever need.

We’re also talented with telling humiliation stories – give us a call and let us weave a custom domination humiliation story for you right on the spot.

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Cuckold Chatting is the best Cuckold chatting site that you will discover anywhere online.

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